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“Navbahor Exclusive” LLC is a subdivision of the NAVBAHOR Holding, founded in 2009, for the exclusive supply of medicines, medical products, dietary supplements, personal hygiene products and food additives to the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.




Pharmacovigilance is a set of activities related to scientific research and activities aimed at identifying, assessing and understanding the possible negative consequences of the medical use of drugs, preventing their occurrence and protecting patients.

For us, one of the key tasks is to provide consumers with high-quality, effective and safe medicines, the benefits of which outweigh the possible risks.

If you have information regarding a (suspected) adverse reaction or lack of effectiveness in the use of medicines provided by our company, we ask you to inform us about it by the specified phone number and e-mail: info@navbahor-holding.uz

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The history of the pharmaceutical Holding “NAVBAHOR” dates back to February 2001 – it is a living example of hard work.

Over the course of a long time and intensive work, the profile of the Holding has expanded in the segment of the pharmaceutical industry, and began to cover work on the distribution of products of imported and domestic manufacturers throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan (LLC “MEMORY PHARM AG”).

The representation in the Republic of exclusive products, the import rights of which belongs to a separate structure of the Holding (LLC”NAVBAHOR EXCLUSIVE”), has expanded.

The development of its own production, which was launched in 2019 (LLC”NAVBAHOR SANOAT”) – a full cycle of production of tableted and encapsulated forms of medicines.

And finally, for the full cycle of the pharmaceutical industry, its own pharmacy chain “NAVBAHOR” (LLC “NAVBAHOR APTEKA”) was launched and is developing.

In 2023, Navbahor Holding (Uzbekistan), together with Rompharm CO (Romania), launched the pharmaceutical enterprise “ROMPHARM NS”, which is actively developing in the field of production, research and distribution of injectable drugs in ampoules in strict accordance with the requirements of European GMP standards.



Navbahor Holding


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Navbahor Sanoat


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Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Chilanzar-6, st. Chupon-Ota, 39

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 18:00

Telephone: (+998) 71 202-22-72

Email: info@navbahor-holding.uz


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